How To ... Write my own Programmes

If you download the programme '!MultiTask' (using !Store) then this will allow you to drag a BASIC programme onto its icon bar icon. With the option 'edit' set (rather than 'load') the programme will be opened in the text editor provided with BASIC (BASICEdit) as shown. Further help about the commands available may be obtained by pressing CTRL-f5 (as shown). Once you have edited the programme, the function key f3 will save it and SHIFT-f4 will return you to BASIC ready to run the programme. The 'currently selected directory' has been set to where it came from (the last directory opened).

Bundled with the Raspberry Pi are text editors !Edit and !StrongEdit and another editor, !Zap, can be downloaded from !Store, so just choose your favourite editor and use that. The Raspberry Pi has a lot of information on the SD card about programming in BASIC, Charm and PHP. There is also information available about programming in C, Perl and assembler on the 'NutPi' SD card from ROOL at very modest cost. The GCC compiler for RISC OSprovides free C and C++ compilers for RISC OS. RiscLua, and Python are also available. The programmers reference manuals are also included with the SD card image for the Raspberry Pi.