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The line north of Alveley was closed by B.R. in 1963 and the Severn Valley Railway Company was formed on 25 March 1967. Although trains had been run for 'day members' on open weekends in 1968, the first Light Railway Order was granted in November 1969. The Alveley-Bridgnorth section was purchased and a second LRO granted on 20 May 1970 when passenger services to Hampton Loade commenced.

The signal box was built on the base of the 1923 box and incorporated a GW 3-bar VT frame ex Windmill End Junction. In 1970 pointwork at the north end of the station was connected and erection of signals coommenced. In 1971 the down home signal was brought into use and the down yard ground frame commissioned. Installation of mechanical locking proceeded in 1972 and by then all pointwork (excluding the slip at the south end of the yard) was connected. On 2 June 1973 token working to Hampton Loade was introduced, working prior to this being by one engine in steam between Bridgnorth and Alveley. In 1974 the Down Inner Home bracket signal was commissioned.

Track alterations were carried out in 1976 including extensive resignalling, alteration to the yard connections and track circuiting of the platform roads. The box was closed on 25 September 1977 and the token instruments moved into the SMO. The box was recommissioned on 6 August 1978. The platform 2 starting signal was erected on 17 February 1980 such that all passenger movements were the under fixed signals. A new platform 1 starting signal was erected in 1980 following aplatform extension and resignalling was completed in 1982 with the connmissioning of numbers 21 and 24 signals by which time the bypass bridge had been constructed. A 'right away' indicator was added in 1986 and the Up Advanced Starting signal was repositioned in 1992.

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