Bewdley North

Click here to see a picture of the high end of the frame, before the modifications, the new box diagram, the view from the box, after the modifications.

A light railway order was granted on 28 March 1974 and train services to Bewdley commenced on 18 May 1974 under one engine in steam working. Initially services were operated under handsignalling with all connections at the north end of the station disconnected, with the North box signalman in the SMO. By 1975 many changes in the track layout and signals had been made and relocking of the frame, including direction levers to control the Back Road (platform 3), continued through 1976. Insulation of pointwork was carried out so that the life-expired fouling bars could be removed and track circuting installed.

Token working to Arley was introduced on 10 April 1976 and the token instruments were initially installed in the SMO until North box was recommissioned on 20 March 1977. Permission for services to be extended to Foley Park had been held back until the Bewdley resignalling had been completed. Down distant signals were re-erected in February 1990 and were commissioned in April 1990. In 1992 deterioration of the wiring was observed and a rewire of the box planned. Mechanical locking modifications to bring into use the up and down distant signals was completed during Easter week 2000 and a complete rewire is planned later that year.

Click here to see the box diagram.

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