Bewdley South

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Services to Bewdley commenced in May 1974 but South box was initially used only for engines running round trains. Between 1980 and 1985 major work at South box to accommodate the extension to Kidderminster was carried out. This included installation of electric signal lamps, moving the Down Home signal further out to permit shunting whilst a train was approaching from Kidderminster, erection of signals on the truncated Stourport line, mechanical locking modifications and installation of trap points on the Stourport line. The work concluded with a rewire of the box. In 1986/7 the new bypass bridge was constructed and the up and down mains lines lifted and relaid. On 1 April 1990 the up and down distant signals were commissioned.

Working between Bewdley North and Bewdley South is by Absolute Block on the main line, by direction levers under ETT Regulations on the Back Road with the Rock Siding and Down Yard operated as through sidings. Services to Kidderminster commenced on 30 July 1984 under 'one engine in steam' working. Full track circuiting of the line to Kidderminster was installed and working by acceptance lever was introduced on 21 November 1987.

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