Click here to see a picture of the signal box, the south end of the station, looking south, looking south. The signal box and track layout at Highley was taken over intact following closure of the Alveley-Bewdley section by B.R. in 1969. A purchase price was agreed in 1970 and the section from Alveley to Foley Park was purchased on 1 June 1972. The signal box was out of use from closure in 1969 until 1974. Token working to Hampton Loade was introduced on 2 March 1974 when the box was recommissioned. Alveley North ground frame was taken out of use in 1974 but Alveley South ground frame remained, being released by the Hampton Loade-Highley token. Train services to Bewdley commenced on 18 May 1974 under 'one engine in steam' working and token working between Highley and Bewdley North, on both long and short section working, was introduced on 10 April 1976.

Work to provide a disc signal to control access into the yard from the south end was started in 1977 but was not completed until 1994(?) when the necessary mechanical locking modifications were carried out.

Click here to see the box diagram.

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