Hampton Loade

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Erection of signals at Hampton Loade started in 1971 and installation of mechanical locking, incorporating the frame from Ledbury North End, started in 1972. By 19 May 1973 all connections had been made to the box and commissioning had been completed. Token working to Bridgnorth was introduced a few weeks later, working up to then having been under 'one engine in steam'.

Token working to Highley was introduced on 2 March 1974 and passenger services were extended southwards from Hampton Loade on 13 April 1974. Switching out was commissioned in 1975 in tome for the Whitsun holiday but it was not until 1981 that the down distant was brought into use and 1982 for the up distant. This completed the work at Hampton Loade although an overhaul of the point rodding was carried out in 1982 and the box rewired in 1983. In 1992 a minor overhaul of the mechanical locking was also carried out.

Hampton Loade is normally switched out at the end of the train service once up and down trains have arrived at Highley and Bridgnorth. This is done with the cooperation of the other signalmen and releases the locking to allow signals to be cleared in both directions and switches bell communication through from Bridgnorth to Highley on 'long section' working. When switched in, up trains must arrive in the up platform and down trains in the down platform although there is provision for an up train to terminate and then to return to Bridgnorth from the up platform.

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