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Resolven East

The box diagram has been traced from an original office copy held by Kidderminster Railway Museum. This copy has some manuscript notes associated with some changes in February 1959 associated with reconstruction of the River Neath bridge, which required crossover 20 to be re-sited. A draft 'locks on/off' notice shows that levers 6 and 15 were to be removed in June 1958 - the signals having been removed in June 1950! The final locks on/off notice is stamped 2 March 1959 and shows that levers 6, 15, 26, 27, 28, 29 and 30 are to be removed, lever 25 becoming the disc in place of 26,27,29 and 30. Relevant alterations that are recorded are as follows:

25 Feb 1938 - 7,8,9,35 and 36 taken as working levers, 37T added
March 1950 - 2/5 signal renewed, 6,15 signals recovered
February 1959 - crossover 20 resited i/c/w River Neath bridge reconstruction
May 1960 - Line clear releases on Up and Down Starting Signals provided i/c/w alterations at Neath Junction
August 1966 - Up Goods Running Loop recovered i/c/w Resolven to N&B Junction singling

A locks on/off notice dated 22 February 1967 shows levers 7, 8, 9 and 35 becoming temporary spares, 8 being bolted normal and 9 being worked to maintain locking. A complete list of lever leads is only available for 6 March 1967, with many of the levers now spaces or spares.

The box diagram shows the layout as at June 1950 just after levers 6 and 15 had been recovered and the locking chart, drawings S1825/3A and B, show the situation before and after the 1959 changes.

The associated dog chartshows the position before the 1959 changes and another marked-up copy shows the locking to be removed.

Resolven East was situated 1m58c from Aberpergwm Junction and 41c from Resolven West on the Vale of Neath Line from Neath to Aberdare - this line lost its passenger service in 1964 and was closed beyond Aberpergwm Colliery (between Resolven and Glyn Neath) in 1967. Although provided with a block switch, it was open continuously in 1947 except for a brief spell on Sunday nights (from 0300 to 0630).